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We offer full architectural services for new buildings and renovations.

While every design solution is unique, every process generally follows a sequence of 8 stages, below. We offer these as full or individual packages.

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Look before you leap

1 Pre-Design Phase

We gather the information necessary to begin design, and avoid trouble along the way. The services may include: brief, program & budget development, advise on the statutory consents required, advise on the requirement for outside consultants, site research, organization of site survey, building survey, conservation research, investigation of planning restrictions, zonings, etc.

Get the big idea

2 Schematic Design Phase

With the analysis and reflection on the pre design stage, we explore broad alternatives in design and construction, and establish the general arrangement of spaces, scale, character and over all appearance. Drawings typically range from diagrammatic to sketchy. Square footage is analyzed and a cost estimate made. Initial presentation meetings are held with the client and feedback is encouraged and taken on board.

Bring the idea into focus

3 Design Development Phase

Based on the results of the schematic design, we develop the design with more specific analysis of form, material, products, detail, etc. Drawings are typically larger and more accurately drafted in this stage. A number of specific products may be researched and selected. Square footage and cost are revisited. Design Development meetings are held with the client and feedback is sought and taken on board.

Get permission I

4 Planning Phase

Based on the approval of the Design Development Phase, we prepare the necessary documents required for the planning permission application. These include site plans, plans, sections, elevations, details, conservation reports, method statements, etc. We monitor the application during the 12 week permission period and answer queries from the local authority as they arise.

Detail for construction

5 Construction Documents Phase

On receipt of the consents, we prepare the necessary drawings, specifications and other documents needed by the contractor to price and build the project. We advise on the most appropriate technological and construction techniques. We believe in completing a fully comprehensive set of drawings and documents before going on site in order to avoid budget surprises or omissions during the work itself.

Get permission II

6 Statutory Consents Phase

Based on the approval of the Construction Documents Phase, we prepare the necessary drawings, other documents and applications legally required for fire safety certification, building regulations compliance, planning permission compliance, health & safety compliance, disabled access compliance, etc.

Arriving at a contract

7 Bidding & Negotiation Phase

If the project is to be tendered, competitive bids are solicited from a number of selected approved contractors based on the detailed finished Construction Documents. The client has the option of accepting one of the bids as given, rejecting all bids, or negotiating a modified bid with one of the bidders. On conclusion of this stage, we facilitate a building contract between the client and the selected contractor.

Executing the plan

8 Construction Observation/Contract Administration Phase

Throughout the course of construction, we visit the site regularly to ensure progress, quality, workmanship, execution is in line with the contract documentation. We administer the building contract, chair and minute site meetings, answer questions, communicate and solve potential problems, certify payments, completion, snagging, defects liability, manuals, certificates of compliance.