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Beautiful low energy tailor made work

Our work is designed to our clients needs with a strong focus on light, energy efficiency, craft and comfort.

Our quality of life, health, attitude, etc are all hugely influenced by our physical environment. We believe that sustainability, our capacity to endure, is all about the search to improve our physical environment.

This search is the basis of our practice. We seek this improvement with every project at every stage from sketch to handover. For example, at the initial design stage, we seek a logical functional layout that makes the best use of the site, orientation, wind, passive solar design, etc. Or, at detail design, we seek the best materials, details, technologies on the basis of cost, health, u-value, footprint, certified sources, etc. Or, during construction, we seek quality, precision, air-tightness, etc.

In short, sustainability is key to realising bright positive comfortable spaces and place to live and work. It sounds simple when written down and it’s the basis of our practice.

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What Our Clients Say...

From the start, we have been more than impressed by Max’s enthusiasm, professionalism, good ideas, ability to understand what we were trying to achieve and good advice throughout …. to get the right design, we felt it was important to enlist the help of a good architect with whom we could interact without barriers. We were very glad to have Max - it was only with his ideas and patience that we were able to emerge with a design that totally satisfied us. We couldn't thank him more and would have no hesitation in recommending him to others, as we've already done.

John Bruzzi Manor Close, Kingston, Galway

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