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AAI Awards 2010

Dartmouth Square, Dublin 6

This project is for an extension to the rear of a Victorian house on the north side of Dartmouth Square.

The new extension is three storeys high and contains a kitchen/utility on the ground floor, an office on the first floor, and a bathroom on the second floor.

As the maintenance and enhancement of natural light is integral to the project, the extension is designed so as not to obstruct the existing openings in and views from the rear façade of the house, causing no darkening of the various rooms behind.  Openings were formed in the roof of the extension to top-light the spaces within.

The size and form of the extension on the first and second floors reduces to ensure a minimum impact on the original house.  The main reception rooms are unaffected.

Materials of brickwork, zinc and oiled iroko cladding were selected for the extension as they differ from the original house and also complement it.



FARRELL: I like this project. It’s a little three-storey tower, with a kitchen on the ground floor, and a study or office, and a bathroom on the floors above. The architect talks about light, and the point you raised earlier on, John, about how much light affects other rooms deep in plans.  It’s within the ‘very carefully done, mannered-pieces’ category, but I think it’s a very strong tower.

McLAUGHLIN: I think it’s well detailed and well done. I think there’s a kind of quiet intelligence about this project.

JENCKS: It’s another square add-on, but very competently done. I think I may have to defer to the others when deciding between these extension projects.

KEAVENEY: I like it. I think that as an extension to a typical three-storey Victorian house, it’s really quite nice. I think it’s one of the more modest, yet successful additions to an existing house.

DEPLAZES: Externally it’s simple and elegant. It’s nice.

McLAUGHLIN: I think it’s fine. It’s competent and well done.